Google Claims Chrome 7 Boosts Speeds by 60 Times

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Google developers claim that the upcoming Chrome 7 browser will be up to 60 times faster than Chrome 6, thanks in part to hardware acceleration.

They claim Chrome 7 will have superior graphics performance via GPU acceleration.

“These early numbers show up to 60 times speed improvement over the current version of Google Chrome,” Google software engineer James Robinson said.

“With Google Chrome’s fast release cycles, we expect to be able to get these enhancements to users quickly and add new performance improvements over time.”

Google is also working on 3D graphics capabilities for Chrome 7. The company said this will bring new capabilities to the web browser for developers, resulting in more modern games, impressive photo galleries, 3D data visualizations and virtual environments.

The developer version of Chrome 7 is now available and is expected to be released to the public later this fall.