Christina Aguchi Returns in First Anal Scene for Vouyer Unleashed

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Christina Aguchi, the reigning Exotic Dancer Master’s Grand Champion and one of the most sought-after feature entertainers in the country, performs in a special comeback scene in “POV Junkie 3” for Vince Vouyer Unleashed.

And Aguchi, who has not shot an adult movie in almost three years, decided to return in dramatic fashion, delivering the first anal scene of her career for Vouyer in an encounter that was shot just last week in Los Angeles.

The gorgeous New Orleans native said she became inspired to do one comeback scene due to an overwhelming amount of requests for her movies from fans that come to her feature showcases at gentlemen’s clubs across the nation.

The demand for Aguchi on the dance circuit started in October 2008 when she won the Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year crown in Torrance, Calif. With that title she also received a one-year feature dance contract in which she traveled the country.

“I’ve been doing this full-time,” Aguchi told XBIZ. “When I got into this I thought I was just going to be doing the Spearmint Rhino contract but I’ve been booked 50 weeks out of the year.”

Aguchi continued, “Every club that I go to people know Christina Aguchi, the adult film star. But a couple months ago one of the customers really affected me. He asked me if I had any of my movies to sign and when I said that I didn’t, he turned around and just walked out of the club. He didn’t care about a lap-dance or to see any of my shows. It kind of broke my heart.”

The Chinese-Vietnamese beauty had performed in about 70 sex scenes before she stepped away from porn to focus on dancing. "POV Junkie 3" will be released through Vouyer Unleashed's distributor Jules Jordan Video on Sept. 20.

“Knowing Vince for a very long time, he is known for his box covers. He does phenomenal, amazing box covers," Aguchi said. "So when I go to these places, that is what’s going to sell me. And of course shooting for Vince you have to do something a little crazy. ... I’m at the point where I can pick and choose, so I thought, ‘Why not do it with the best of everything?' I was happy and comfortable, and looking at the result I’m really excited for it to come out.”

Vouyer had not seen Aguchi in two years when they began communicating a couple months ago.

“She really climbed to the top of the ladder on the elite dance circuit and has won a whole bunch of awards and crowns and I didn’t know all of that,” Vouyer said. “She filled me in, and she mentioned what she was doing, that she’s in a different city and state every weekend. And that she has a lot of clients who come to the clubs who are fans of the adult business and she didn’t have any DVDs she could sign. She told me she was kind of thinking about doing a movie and wanted to be on a cover.”

Vouyer said that Aguchi actually declined his initial offer to do a comeback movie but after some further consideration, she decided to go for it full force.

“So she did this for her fans so she would have some product to take on the road,” he said. “I said to her, ‘If you want to come back and make a splash, you have to do it in the butt.’”

Vouyer, who did the honors in the scene, said he was proud of the finished product.

“I thought we nailed it. It was one of the best box covers I’ve done in a long time. I’m real happy with it,” he said.

“This worked out very well for both of us. I didn’t approach her scene as me fucking her, I approached it as she’s doing it for the fans. It’s a real V.I.P. experience. It’s a long scene with a lot of tease in there. And I did have a stripper pole in the house that she had sent over and she actually did performances on the pole.”

Aguchi said “POV Junkie 3” was a one-shot deal, and while she didn’t completely rule out doing more in the future, for now she plans to get back on the road.

“I don’t know. I’m curious to see how this one does,” she said. “I’ve kind of built a big following in the feature world. I guess it really depends. I know I’m not going to be a full-fledged porn star.”

Aguchi, who is also a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is known for her high-energy, “new-school” shows that often feature her hip-hop dance skills. She thrilled the crowd at the Mirage in August during the Exotic Dancer Awards with her Iron Man-inspired performance in which she peeled off a $2,000 replica suit complete with sequins and flashing lights.

Her talents have led to numerous dance titles including the 2010 Penthouse Golden G-String Award for Best Dancer and Overall Champion, and the 2010 Exotic Dancer Master’s Grand Champion honor on the heels of earning the Newcomer Grand Champion trophy in 2009. In addition, Aguchi is an East Coast finalist in the U.S. Pole Dance Federation, placing her among the top 12 dancers in the country on the pole.

She’ll next feature Sept. 16-18 at Crazy Horse in San Francisco, followed by Sept 23-25 at Platinum Plus in Columbia, S.C.

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