AHF Targets 100 Flynt Videos in Complaint to Cal/OSHA

LOS ANGELES — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation plans tomorrow to submit additional complaints to state occupational safety officials complaints over condomless production shoots.

One hundred Larry Flynt Productions adult videos containing performers not wearing condoms are the target, AHF officials said.

“Larry Flynt has been quite vocal and outspoken in his opposition to condom use in his films," said Michael Weinstein, president of the AHF, noting that his group continues the "press for the enforcement of state workplace regulatory guidelines, which would require the use of condoms in his — and all — adult films produced in California.”

But LFP President Michael Klein told XBIZ that the company won't budge when it comes to condomless productions because "that's what the consumer wants ... we deliver it."

"Look, we follow every safety procedure, including testing during specific time frames, and we haven't had one incident of infection," Klein said.

The Flynt videos in the new Cal/OSHA complaint include the titles "Backwoods of Memphis," "Bush Administration," "Campus Confessions: Vol. #8," "Coffee ‘n’ Cream,"Real College Girls #17," "Asian Fever: #29" and "Chicas Calientes Special Edition," among others.

AHF said that of the 100 Flynt-branded DVDs in the complaints to Cal/OSHA, 33 depict double penetration, 15 scenes included cream pie shots and 12 included ATM shots.

It noted that of the 100 videos, just one scene in one LFP Hustler Video DVD showed condom use, that of performer Brittany Andrews and her male partner in “The Erotic Adventures of Nikki Nine”

Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Diane Duke late Wednesday said that the AHF's mission in relation to condoms for the adult biz is flawed.

"Imagine how much AHF could accomplish if instead of looking for sensationalistic opportunities in the adult entertainment industry, they actually focused on the prevention and treatment of HIV," she told XBIZ.

AHF said it plans to discuss at a press conference the additional complaints tomorrow in conjunction with a protest in front of the LFP building on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The conference and protest will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.