Sasha Grey Spikes AEBN VOD After 'Entourage' Appearance

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – VOD giant AEBN announced today that adult star Sasha Grey's popularity spiked across the company’s network of theaters after her guest spot on the cable show 'Entourage' aired on HBO last weekend.

AEBN said that while Grey has remained among its most searched stars for some time, the added exposure of her guest appearance as the main character's porn star girlfriend in the episode entitled "Hair" skyrocketed interest.

As a result of Grey's TV spot, she jumped from the number five position on the AEBN VOD charts to number one and made her the undeniable "it" girl for the company's customer base.

AEBN's Suzann Knudsen said Grey has always been a popular star on AEBN VOD but now her celebrity status is stronger than ever.

"Her recent appearance on Entourage, though, pushed her even higher. Obviously, there is heavy overlap between the show's viewers and our prime demographic and seeing Sasha on their TVs sent them running to their computers to find more of her work,” Knudsen said.

The executive added that AEBN also experienced an upswing in new user accounts created.

“People may have discovered Grey’s adult career because of her mainstream viability. It takes a special kind of star to excel on both sides of the entertainment world and HBO was able to showcase Sasha's talent on a show known for its edgy and often daring storytelling," Knudsen said.

This is not the first time Grey's mainstream crossover success has made her numbers fluctuate on AEBN's star charts, according to the company.

Another surge in searches for Grey coincided with the publicity tour in support for Steven Soderbergh's film “The Girlfriend Experience,” in which Grey starred as an escort living in New York City.