Strictly Broadband Launches iPad VOD Site

Bob Johnson
LONDON – Strictly Broadband announced the launch of a VOD service targeted for iPad users.

The service, Strictly iPad provides a selection of more than 100 movies optimized for the iPad's HD screen. Several hundred more movies are planned to be released within the next month.

The company said the site's navigation has been designed to work smoothly on touch screen interfaces and all movies are encoded to provide full-screen streaming.

Movies from the site will also work on the iPhone 4 and other mobile and tablet platforms, allowing movies rented on one device to be viewed on another.

Jerry Barnett, Strictly Broadband's managing director said, "We congratulate Steve Jobs for creating the perfect porn-viewing device. Our VOD site, is very well known in the U.K. market, and retains a large and loyal customer base, but in the five years since we launched, technologies and standards have moved on. When the iPad was launched without Flash support, we realized this was time to update to the latest standards.”

He added, “Strictly iPad is our first step to creating a single platform that works smoothly across all devices, from smart phones to desktops. The iPad is currently the leading tablet device, but we know that many more will appear soon."

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