Lee Roy Myers to Direct 'The Human Sex-ipede'

LOS ANGELES — Director Lee Roy Myers will direct the darkest, most twisted parody of his career this week when he shoots “The Human Sex-ipede” for Tom Byron Pictures.

The project will mark the first collaboration between Myers and Tom Byron Pictures and will also be the first parody for Byron’s production company, which specializes in gonzo fare.

“The most talked about movie of 2010 so far is a horror film by the name of ‘The Human Centipede,’” Myers said. “It’s being talked about because of how disgusting the concept is. That movie has been talked about on every major mainstream show and has been the butt of a lot of jokes. It is very popular.

“The actual movie is about a German mad scientist that sews three people together, anus to mouth. I thought, ‘you know what, this is the perfect concept to base a parody around. Anything putting human faces that close to genitals deserves the porn treatment.’

“On top of that the mainstream movie has gotten lots of mainstream attention, so it’s the perfect first parody for Tom Byron Pictures and the perfect movie back out of the gate for me.”

Myers, who won a 2010 XBIZ People’s Choice Best Parody Award for “The Office: A XXX Parody,” recently became a free agent after helming several critically acclaimed spoofs for New Sensations. Those include newly released parodies of “The Golden Girls” and “Reno 911” and the sequel to “Seinfeld: A XXX Parody” which also just hit the streets.

“It’s interesting because people wouldn’t expect this parody to be done. People will be sickened by the actual concept,” Myers admitted. “But like ‘The Golden Girls’ I think people will get past that and actually buy it.”

Myers continued, “In this version three tourists in Germany are captured by a mad sex educator and he wants to sew them all together, mouth to genitals, and I am doing a slapstick version. It is a true parody and I think it’s one of the best things that I’ve written, at least one of the funniest things that I’ve written.”

The movie will star Byron, Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Briana Blair and newcomer Danica Dillan “with a bunch of other great performers who all get the joke,” Myers said.

"We’re doing what comes naturally. We’re switching one bodily fluid for another. We’re excited to do something funny and sexy with source material that’s not necessarily funny nor sexy."

He indicated the movie will be released in October “just in time for Halloween.”

“And I will be directing and producing some other features for Tom Byron Pictures in the near future,” Myers said. Byron played the lead role in Myers' parody of "The Big Lebowski" for New Sensations earlier this year.

Myers in July announced the formation of his new studio Nightingale, which is specializing in lesbian porn and released its first title “Miss Conduct” through Adult Source Media this week.