Montana Fishburne: 'Dad's Hurt by Sex Tape,' Vivid Bumps Release Date

LOS ANGELES – Montana Fishburne told TMZ that her famous actor father Laurence Fishburne is "very hurt" over her hardcore sex tape “but for some reason, she's confident they can bury the hatchet.”

"[My dad] is very upset. I heard that he's mad at me but I haven't spoken to him yet. I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him," Fishburne said.

She added, "I think he wants to support me in everything I do, and though he sees this now as a negative, I believe in time he will view it as a positive."

According to the celebrity daughter – aka “Chippy D” – her and dad have always been on good terms and until her porn debut they spoke on a weekly a basis. But she admitted she never told him about the tape before the news broke.

Fishburne also said that she plans to meet with her father soon to hash everything out.

In related news, the clamor over her tape has prompted Vivid Entertainment to push up the Aug. 18 online and store release date to Aug. 10.

"We knew there would be interest in this movie but we didn't anticipate that it would be quite so strong," Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch said.

He added, "We're hoping the earlier release will help Montana realize her ambitions a bit sooner."