Adam & Eve, Andre Madness Ink Distro Deal

CHATSWORTH, Calif.— Adam & Eve and Madness Pictures announced a distribution deal today along with a new director for the all-Asian “Asian Mouth Club” line.

The companies said the new release — “Asian Mouth Club 5” — will be directed by veteran director Andre Madness protégée, Mo. The line was formerly directed by the late David Aaron Clark.

The new title stars Kita Zen, Yuki Mori, Asia Zo, Beti Hana and Carmina Kai.

"We're excited that Adam & Eve will make 'Asian Mouth Club 5' available to the stores and the consumers it serves," Madness Pictures owner Andre Madness said. "I'm looking forward to taking our movies to the next level with this deal."

"Adam & Eve Pictures has loved working with Andre for many years now," said Bob Christian, Adam & Eve general manager. "We are delighted to expand our relationship with Andre by distributing his own line of movies."

Meredith Christopher, Adam & Eve Pictures' executive producer added, "Adam & Eve Pictures has had a long and successful relationship with Andre Madness. When the opportunity to distribute his product came about, we jumped at the chance to work with him in this capacity."

The companies said that new director Mo’s affinity for Asian women and thriving talent as a pornographer are keys to a bright future for the line.

“Following in the footsteps of classic pro-am gonzo titles, Mo doesn't just arouse but entertains with his probing interviews of the all-Asian cast in ‘Asian Mouth Club 5.’ Far from the normal line of questioning, Mo's free form and conversational style elicits unexpected and entertaining answers," the companies said.

"I search for something ethnically and personally different with each of my stars," Mo said.

He added, "Instead of just skipping to the action I hope viewers will take the time to have some fun and listen to what the girls have to say. These girls are all unique in their own way and I anticipate everyone who watches will agree that these scenes are an X-rated must see TV."