Topco Shocks ANME Attendees With Fucked Line

BURBANK, Calif. — Like a carnival side show inside Topco’s circus tent exhibit at the ANME Founders Show, a dark room shielded by a velvet curtain housed the Fucked line of extreme toys that became a focal point of the trade show.

The Fucked exhibit featured glass-encased samples of the toys, which includes a CyberSkin Bleeding Pussy Stroker, Vomiting Mouth Stroker and Hermaphrodite Cock, Pussy and Ass.

Calling attention to paraphilia — which is described “as a condition wherein a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend upon fantasizing about and engaging in, sexual behavior that is atypical and at times, controversial,” by Dr. Don Etkes, a Los Angeles-based sex therapist, the Fucked line of toys is meant to provide an outlet for people whose “sexual fantasies border on the unusual and bizarre.”

“The basic concept stemmed from the idea that there are numerous fetishes and alternative lifestyles seldom addressed in the market,” Topco Sales President Scott Tucker told XBIZ. “Topco Sales’ product development team decided to target that segment of consumers. With an irreverent attitude that makes no apologies, Fucked is for people who safely and privately want to live out their most daring fantasies.”

Desiree Duffie, Topco’s director of marketing and public relations, told XBIZ that Fucked was born of a concept that had been tossed around for about 20 years.

“After extensive research it took a bold and daring product development team with a wicked creative streak to finally bring the concept to fruition,” she said.

With items such as the Bug Chaser Cock, with a product description noting that the dildo caters to people within the “Bug Chaser” subculture of “individuals who pursue sex with individuals infected with sexually transmitted diseases,” the Fucked line sparked controversy at ANME, with some attendees finding the products offensive.

“No one at Topco Sales ever suggested Fucked was a mainstream toy line,” Tucker said, adding that the early days of the industry were marked by criticism of vibrators as “marital aids.”

“People once were offended by five-inch vibrators, too,” he said. “Where would any of us be today if those early novelty pioneers caved under the pressure of factions who insist that they are able to define what offensive is?

“Detractors should understand these toys are an outlet for people who have these fantasies. There is an educational component to them. Research shows there is a significant segment of the population with such paraphilias and these toys are in concert with their desires. There are numerous online communities and websites dedicated to these lifestyles. Topco Sales has done its homework about the viability of these products.”