ANME Founders Show Unites Novelty Industry

BURBANK, Calif. — The ANME Founders Show kicked off Saturday evening with a welcome cocktail party that brought together manufacturers with distributors and retailers that would later convene throughout the menagerie of booths spread out throughout the Burbank Marriot Convention Center.

The indoor portion of ANME showcase the event’s founders — California Exotic Novelties, Doc Johnson, Novelties by Nasswalk, Pipedream Products and Topco Sales — with massive booths featuring the companies’ latest additions.

Upon entering, Pipedream Products’ setup highlights the revamped line of Icicles glass toys, complete with POP display.

Pipedream Product’s marketing manager Kevin Johnson told XBIZ that the company has been receiving great feedback for Icicles for its collectible box packaging that lends to its high-end boutique feel.

Pipdream Products also debuted new supplemental-size catalogs featuring the top 20 bestsellers from an array of categories.

Johnson said that there is one product recently released as a throwback to Pipedream’s original offerings — the Peter Piper glass pipe with attached dong.

“It’s made from the same glass as our Icicles line,” he said.

Topco’s elaborate circus tent booth was designed and created 100 percent by Topco staff and was designed to look like a traveling circus with carts that each display the newest products from each of the company's lines.

Topco Sales CEO Scott Tucker told XBIZ that he is pleased with the turnout for ANME and that the event couldn’t have been held at a better time.

“The weather is perfect, the venue is perfect — everything seems to be clicking perfectly,” Tucker said. “With this economy everyone is working harder to be successful and this show is breathing new life into the industry.

New Sensations, the latest adult studio to venture into the novelty industry, soft-launched at ANME with two product lines, one modeled after popular New Sensations performers and the Buzz Buddies range of vibrators.

Bzzz Buddies are the brainchild of New Sensations President Scott Taylor and vice president of global sales Belle Casten, who told XBIZ that the Bzzz Buddies line was inspired by anime cartoons and is designed as collectibles.

The Bzzz Buddies line features eight vibes each featuring wide-eyed anime characters attached. The line is designed to target 18-35 year old with powerful vibrating functions and four different attachments, cute designs and stories behind each of the characters, Casten said.

Vibratex, a company established more than 20 years ago, featured its latest innovations at its booth set up at the show’s tented area. Vibratex’s Stephanie, told XBIZ that among its newest developments is a rechargeable wand that’s part of the Classic Series featuring modern versions of the Rabbit Pearl vibrating wand, which was popularized by HBO’s “Sex and the City.”

Monday’s event schedule also includes panel discussions, including one titled The Rebranding Revolution.

The panel will feature Castle Megastore’s president and CEO Mark Franks, Desiree Duffie, director of and public relations and marketing for Topco Sales; Nick Orlandino, COO of Pipedream Products; and Shelly Sandau, national sales and marketing director of the Lion’s Den chain of stores.

On Saturday, Franks told XBIZ about Castle Megastore’s efforts in rebranding, which is currently taking place in Alaska through Castle Boutique locations.