AdultStockPhoto Debuts With Royalty-Free Stock Photography

CYBERSPACE — AdultStockPhoto has launched its photographic collection online, offering a new adult micro stock site that is designed to satisfy the demand for high- and low-res adult images, video clips and vector art at low prices.

With images starting at $2, the site is targeting businesses that seek images for adult sites, erotic phone ads, dating sites and print publications. The site also offers sexy short video clips, as well.

Mario B, AdultStockPhoto's CEO, told XBIZ that the new site is an answer to those businesses that are looking for "royalty-free adult content of the highest quality at affordable low prices."

"Our site has only recently been launched but the response has been overwhelmingly positive," said Mario B, who has worked in Internet commerce businesses for about a decade. "We are proud to offer quality adult images at affordable prices with all the standard features you would normally find in a mainstream stock photo site.

"Today most micro-stock photography websites have introductory prices of $1 per image for low resolutions. But with literally millions of images in their database it has also made way for niche markets to arise."

Mario B said the site also is rich with interactivity, with such features as an advanced search option, keyword look up, multiple content filters, internal messaging service, rating system, reviews, blogs and more.

For contributors, he said, the site offers an opportunity to make passive income selling content again on a recurring, non-exclusive basis.