Topco Sales Offers Eco-friendly Sex Toys

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — In conjunction with its Commitment to Green, Topco Sales said it strives to create products that will bring customers many years of service thus reducing their impact on landfills, sanitation services and the consumer pocket book.

The company offers a wide variety of rechargeable, CyberGlass and silicone products.

"As a company, we strive to help our customers reduce, recycle and reuse," Topco Sales President and CEO Scott Tucker said. "One of the ways we can assist them with Earth-balanced living is by offering high-quality products that will stand the test of time. After all, if an item can be used again and again, it isn't likely to end up going to waste."

"Rechargeable massagers such as the Climax Twist and the Adam & Eve Magic Massager are great products for those who like high-powered stimulation and don't want to incur the added expense and environmental waste caused by batteries," Tucker added. "These types of vibrators will not only last a lifetime, they also offer infinite versatility with the addition of our specially created accessories."

Other Earth-friendly product options offered by Topco Sales include items made from CyberGlass. Toys like the Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G and the Adam & Eve CyberGlass Heart's Delight are ideally suited to the eco-conscious consumer; they are recyclable, long-lasting, and can be sterilized for sharing.