Pink Visual Points to Infringement From Brazzers' N.Y. Servers

NEW YORK — Pink Visual says it was the victim of “millions of acts of infringement” that took place through Brazzers’ servers located in New York.

That statement was made Thursday in an amended complaint against Montreal-based Brazzers' tube site businesses.

Pink Visual’s parent company, Ventura Content, is trying to cement claims that Brazzers’ parent company, Mansef Inc., has substantial business interests in the country and that the U.S. District Court in New York has jurisdiction over the case.

“Millions of acts of infringement of [Pink Visual] copyrighted works have taken place on or through defendants' servers,” Pink Visual attorneys said.

Pink Visual maintains that Brazzers operate “highly interactive websites that permit its New York users to upload and download infringing files, maintaining servers for their tube sites in New York.”

Pink Visual attorneys also said in the latest brief to the court that Brazzers benefits from geo-targeted ads to New York users and that it staff shows up at adult industry trade shows and that the company sells physical products in the state.

Further claims also point to alleged systematic abuse of the 45 Pink Visual-copyrighted videos at the heart of the complaint.

“[Brazzers] also categorize infringing videos, provide support to users, provide means for user to comment on, rate or virally distribute infringing videos and even require users to indemnify them for infringing uses of the tube sites, all of which are substantially related to [Pink Visual’s] claims in this case,” Pink Visual attorneys said.

On Monday, a federal judge denied Brazzers’ motion to dismiss the $6.75 million suit alleging it pirates Pink Visual‘s content.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin moves forward Pink Visual’s claims.

The websites at issue in Pink Visual's copyright suit over infringed content include,, and, all owned by Mansef and Interhub, whose officers operate both companies as well as one of the best-known adult companies, Brazzers.