AIDS Group Protests at AIM Clinic

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. — AIDS Healthcare Foundation demonstrators held a protest Thursday morning at the offices of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, or AIM.

Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angeles-based AHF, told XBIZ the purpose of the demonstration was to bring attention to AIM’s testing and disclosure practices of patients who are diagnosed with STD’s, including HIV.

“We believe that AIM is a fig leave for the industry. They put performers at risk by not telling Los Angeles County Department of Public Health where the performers who are diagnosed with an STD are working,” he said.

"This is yet another malicious attack by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)," AIM told XBIZ. "Their baseless complaint to various agencies is based upon a years-old release form.

"AIM Healthcare Foundation meets or exceeds all state and Federal privacy standards, including those of HIPAA. If AHF were really concerned with something other than cheap publicity stunts, the press conference would not be in front of a health care facility where it endangers patient privacy."

Weinstein said AIM claims that patient privacy rights prevent it from cooperating with public health officials who seek to protect the health of adult film performers.

Weinstein said the actors’ privacy rights would not have to be violated if the industry simply required actors to use condoms.

But, he added, while the county can’t get the patient’s highly confidential test results, adult industry producers can view this same information on an AIM online database.

“Our primary focus is the producers. The vast majority of disease would be eliminated if there was widespread condom use, testing and partner notification.”

Weinstein added AHF wants L.A. County to take more aggressive action against AIM and said AHF will continue this campaign until a change is made.