TopBucks Mobile Releases Adult Mobile White Paper

CYBERSPACE — Adult mobile affiliate program TopBucks Mobile has announced its publication of a mobile white paper based on propriety data gathered from the Pink Visual network of mobile sites, as well as from third-party sources.

The report, which is currently being made available only to TopBucks Mobile webmasters, includes data on device and browsing market share, mobile consumer purchase habits and projections for the growth of the market through the end of 2010 and beyond.

"The white paper is an extension of the information we've been providing through our webinars and mobile workshops at industry trade shows," TopBucks Mobile Marketing Director Lea Busick said. "It combines information we obtained from third party sources with data we have collected through our own network of sites, and provides a very solid overview of the current state of the market, and some important trends that adult webmasters will want to keep an eye on in the months ahead."

Among the report's key findings are that mobile browsing market share is a far more significant metric than device sales market share; that the Android operating system will greatly expand in market share in 2010; and that the market for adult entertainment on mobile devices is already substantial, and growing rapidly.

"One of our goals with this white paper, as well as with the workshops we've been doing, is simply to communicate that the adult mobile market is real, and it is growing quickly," Busick added. "I think that a lot of webmasters are still a little skeptical about that point, because they've been hearing for years that 'mobile is coming,' but it never seemed to arrive."

"Hopefully, some of the hard data and analysis we've put on the table will convince webmasters that there's a real opportunity to make money here," Busick concluded. "We'll see more people putting a serious effort into mobile marketing and promotion."