Private's Bunimovitz Named XBIZ Businessman of Year

BARCELONA, Spain — Private Media Group (Private) CEO, Ilan Bunimovitz, received Special Recognition as Businessman of the Year at the XBIZ 2010 Awards show last week.

“Ilan is one of the early pioneers of the online industry. In fact, at the time that I entered the business, he was already a highly successful and influential member of the online business community,¨ said XBIZ President Alec Helmy.

¨Today, he is at the helm of Europe’s largest adult entertainment enterprise and over the past year, he spearheaded some of the most impressive strategic business deals in the business. It’s with great pleasure that we present XBIZ’s Businessman of the Year award to Mr. Ilan Bunimovitz.”

Bunimovitz was appointed CEO of Private in April 2009, three months after being made Executive Vice President of Private’s Online Media Division when Private completed acquisition of his company, Gamelink, in January 2009.

San Francisco based Gamelink was founded by Bunimovitz in 1993 and he served as its CEO building the company into a leading U.S. eCommerce portal.

“I am proud to accept this honor on behalf of the employees and corporate leadership that keep Private Media Group on the forefront in the development of new content, enabling technologies, and strategic partnerships, allowing us reach to the broadest range of adult entertainment consumers worldwide,¨ Bunimovitz said.

Established in 1965, Private was the first adult entertainment company to obtain a public listing, according to the company. Its NASDAQ listing is Private Media Group (PRVT).

In addition to its library of content, Private distributes its own content and that of select third party studio including Bluebird Films via multiple platforms including Internet, mobile, broadcast, DVD and magazines. Private Media Group also distributes content through IPTV to 42 major platforms in 20 countries and to approximately 1.2 billion mobile phone users in more than 35 countries, the company said.

Private also acquired Toronto based gay content producer Sureflix in 2009.