Immoral Productions, XXXJay Quinlan Launch Advertising Supported Free Content Site

LOS ANGELES — Immoral Productions and Jay ”XXXJay” Quinlan announced today, that's being described as the “world's first advertising-supported exclusive content website."

Immoral Productions' extensive catalog of 13 series will be able available for free on the site including never before released scenes from “Cum Hunters,” “Green Card Cuties” and “Fuck A Fan.”

Immoral Productions CEO “Porno” Dan Leal said, “When Jay approached me with this idea of going away from the traditional subscription based model and putting our content on the web for free, I thought it made perfect sense. Surfers today want to watch porn for free, so why not give them fresh exclusive brand new scenes to view every single day?”

When asked what advertisers he expects on the site, Leal told XBIZ he hopes to bring in some mainstream companies such as liquor companies, smokeless cigarettes, male enhancement pills and dating sites, in addition to traditional adult advertisers like CAMs sites.

“Rather than continuing to piss in the wind with trying to monetize subscription models, I decided to try something new and slightly drastic,” said Quinlan. “This project will change the landscape of exclusive content-based adult websites. I approached Dan because I knew he was open minded enough to try this rather than sit around and complain about falling subscription based revenues like other producers.”

The partners said they plan to monetize the site in every way possible and “offer rock-bottom deals on advertising” for those who lock-in in the first three months.

“I am going to take your money and buy more traffic with it anyway,” Leal said.

Quinlan added that the content will be coming straight off the camera onto the web with very little editing. “These guys use real people in their scenes – which add a whole new dimension to your viral marketing with such fresh content. Getting traffic will not just be old school traffic buys and SEO, though we will be doing a ton of that as well,” he said.

Immoral Productions Partner and director Jim Powers added, “We view this as the next phase in adult entertainment. I am very excited about the prospect of our movies being seen by millions of adults worldwide.”

The partners also plan to extend the site to include free live cam shows daily.

To advertise contact XXXJay at