Lusty Library Honors 'Story of the Year'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Lusty Library, the time-honored Internet archive for erotic literature, has announced the winners of its Story of the Year contest for 2009. features a wide range of erotic fiction, along with a section for writers, including writing tips and resources to help budding writers establish their talent. The site is updated daily with new and unique erotic stories from around the globe, which offer a variety of storylines and varying temperature levels.

"I love and dread this contest every year," says the site's moderator, the Lusty Librarian. "There are so many great stories to choose from — I never have an easy choice!"

"We have so many talented authors who write erotica across so many different genres and interests," the Lusty Librarian added. "It's almost impossible sometimes to narrow it down to one or even three winners."

Since 2006, has held an annual contest highlighting the best stories posted to the site during the course of the year, which culminates in naming the Story of the Year. Every week the Lusty Librarian chooses a featured story. At the end of each month, one submission is picked from those four to be the story of the month. Then from those, the Story of the Year is chosen.

The winners for the 2009 contest are: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" by wyliecoyote (Story of the Year); "A Master's Touch" by Alexandra M (2nd Place); and "Worthy Of An Oscar!" by angiewalkerblue (3rd Place).

Despite the difficulties that come from so many high-quality stories, the Lusty Librarian is grateful for the continued efforts of her site's community.

"I'm honored that after so many years, we still receive so many wonderful submissions," the Lusty Librarian concluded. "We're still going strong and I think that will only continue in 2010."

Among the plans for Lusty Library in the upcoming year is a revamp of its website.