Boxee’s New Payment Platform Could Catapult Adult Sales

SAN FRANCISCO — In a move expected to create a new revenue stream for adult companies, Boxee announced today that it will launch its own store this summer to sell access to pay-per-view and subscription programs and channels.

The decision to open the gates to content partners is far-reaching for the industry because that while only handful of the 300 or so applications on Boxee are adult-oriented, they're among the most popular.

And Boxee expects to continue to add more adult content providers as they get wise to the service's more than 800,000 users.

In a blog posting today, Boxee CEO Avner Ronen asked for potential content partners to contact the company at

With its new payment platform, Boxee will charge content providers a fee to sell content — under 30 percent — for the service.

The Boxee Payment Platform will let users "make purchases with one click on the remote," Ronen wrote.

Boxee users of Bang Bros and Pink Visual, which distribute their content on Boxee, currently use a website user name and password within the app to gain access to the companies’ respective catalogs.

“This beginning to the Boxee business model ties our success as a business to the success of our partners,” Ronen wrote.

Ronen said Boxee’s new platform is just one more way for the Internet to compete against traditional distribution models. Boxee is an open-source media center which plays media from a computer and other devices.

"The Internet represents a great opportunity for the major media companies and for the independent content producers to create more engaging and immersive experiences around their content and for them to be paid for more eyeballs on yet another screen," Ronen wrote. "The connected living room represents a new medium, one in which great value could be generated."