Eva Angelina Now Performing Non-Exclusively

LOS ANGELES — Eva Angelina is now a non-exclusive contract performer for skinworXXX and is available to perform for other adult companies.

Angelina will continue her role as a skinworXXX partner, alongside performer Teagan Presley and director/producer Joshua.

“My fans have been expressing how much they miss seeing me in a variety of films and roles,” Angelina said. “Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to make lots of movies and perform in a variety of projects — from the hardest gonzo productions to major feature movies. I have also enjoyed filming movies regularly, so for all of these reasons I have decided to increase my outputs using my inputs.”

Angelina is open to appear in feature movies, all-sex productions and websites.

”Deviance” was Angelina’s first production as a co-owner of skinworXXX and it also marked her return to the industry as a performer. The movie is nominated for an XBIZ Award in the Best Gonzo Release of the Year category.

Angelina appears on two websites — EvaAngelinaOnline.com and EvaAngelinaXXX.com.

EvaAngelinaOnline.com is her newest project in re-development. The site will be completely run by her fans where they will be choosing scenes, scenarios and performers to appear alongside Angelina. She is holding a competition to have one of her fans design the new layout of the site.

“I love my job and my fans too much to suppress myself,” Angelina said. “I want to keep fucking for my favorite directors and for my fans, and I can’t wait to start shooting as much as I possibly can. But don't worry, you will still see me in all of skinworXXX's new releases.”

Angelina also recently was added to the exclusive lineup of Fleshlight Girls. Fleshlight is in development of a special camouflage unit.

“Nothing gets me hotter than the servicemen and women, who keep my precious pussy safe at night,” Angelina said. “Thanks to Fleshlight, now I can send a big wet thank you to everyone who's ever worn a uniform. My Fleshlight is soft, tight, and made in the U.S. I will serve you just as well as you serve our country. So, thanks to all of you out there: The bravest, toughest and hardest amongst us.”

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