MonsterCockTube Operators Ordered to Communicate in English

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Speak English.

That’s what a U.S. judge on Thursday told the two operators of, who earlier told the court that they’d only communicate further in their native tongue — German — while they defend themselves in an infringement suit.

Titan Media claims MonsterCockTube’s Thorsten Palicki and Maik Herrmann have pirated 15 gay adult films for its membership site and have attempted to avoid the suit by changing ownership into a bogus offshore company and concealing online assets.

On Thursday, U.S. Judge Maxine Chesney ordered Palicki and Herrman to communicate with the court in English, or at least provide English transcripts, by Jan. 15.

Since serving the pair at a Florida adult trade show in August, Herrmann and Palicki have communicated from Germany to Chesney that they can’t be tried for civil liability in the U.S.

As German citizens and business owners, the pair said, “only the constitutional principles of the Federal Republic of Germany for us as non-Americans are valid.”

“I would ask you to instruct [Titan] to send us the complaint with the constitutional principles of [Germany],” Palicki and Herrmann wrote.

Titan spokesman Keith Webb had harsh words for the pair.

“They are perfect example of what’s wrong with the industry,” Webb told XBIZ. “People willing to look the other way to make a buck. People willing to use hidden cross sales to make a buck. People willing to use tube sites to make a buck, while knowing the site is full of other people’s stolen content.

“Here’s my advice: If you have to do shitty and sleazy things like these to make a buck, then maybe it’s time you look for another line of work and maybe others in the industry with integrity shouldn’t work with you.”