FapMapper Maps Out Sex Locations, Pink Visual Retail Partners

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual has officially launched a website that allows followers to document their sexual exploits on a map.

FapMapper.com not only points out those locations, it also maps out with icons every retail store that carries Pink Visual products.

Kim Kyser, Pink Visual’s brand and product manager, told XBIZ that FapMapper is a great value-add for retail stores.

“They are being advertised to a population of truly dedicated masturbators and porn fans without spending a dime for the exposure,” Kyser said.

Kyser said she has heard from several retailers so far and "they think it's cool."

"We try to support the retailers as much as possible; putting a "find a store" feature on pinkvisual.com, providing free POS materials, in-store appearances, promo copies to pass along to customers, anything that helps them get customers in the door.

"We know not everyone wants their porn via the web or mobile, and we know the value of a mobile tool in finding any kind of store near you."

Compatible with desktop computers, as well as most mobile devices, the free-to-use FapMapper picked up a relatively small but dedicated member base after its beta launch in September, Kyser said.

In addition to comments from users, FapMapper offers revealing statistical data, like the top fapping cities, states and individual users. (“Fap” is a euphemism for masturbation that is increasingly popular among young, tech-savvy web users, Kyser said.)

“We’ve got couples posting about having sex on camping trips, people just marking places where they spotted a particularly beautiful woman walking down the street, even things that have nothing whatsoever to do with sex or masturbation,” Kysar said. “That’s just the nature of any social networking tool.

“Once you release it out into the world, the community develops on its own and decides for itself what to do with the utility you have provided.”