Corbin Fisher’s Steamy Offer to Levi Johnston Gets Close Look

SAN DIEGO — on Friday posted Corbin Fisher’s studio contract offer to Levi Johnston, asking readers to review its $100,000 offer.

Johnston, the Alaskan who fathered Sarah Palin’s grandchild, hasn’t swung at the deal, which also offers five percent royalties on gross revenue of DVD sales.

Gay adult company Corbin Fisher of San Diego offered the deal on Nov. 19.

The offer consists of participation in one profile piece and three solo scenes consisting of a short interview after which he would be asked to masturbate to completion. He also would be asked to participate in supporting documentary footage.

The contract was written by adult industry attorney Marc Randazza, who represents a number of adult companies and is Corbin Fisher’s general counsel.

Randazza told XBIZ that he did hear back from Johnston's camp.

"They were very polite but said that the money was not enough," he said.

AboveTheLaw asks readers to focus on the terms and conditions of the two-page Johnston offer, which is included in the post.

“Pretend that Johnston is your client. How would you advise him?” AboveTheLaw asks. “Review and flyspeck the offer letter. Do you see any terms in it that might be problematic for your client?”

Next week, AboveTheLaw plans to post favorite comments from readers.