NakedSword Expands Offerings

SAN FRANCISCO — Popular gay porn membership site continues to go beyond porn by providing insider access to the industry as well as unique coverage of the gay community at large.

According to the company, entering November, NakedSword's grip on all things gay is tighter than ever thanks to the recent string of diverse gay culture coverage across NakedSword's network of content portals.

The Tim & Roma Show has released its newest episode with an intimate glimpse behind the scenes on Raging Stallion's newest feature, "Arabesque 2." The on-set footage includes sexy porn star hijinks, revealing interviews with various cast members and even an original mock soap opera scene featuring married porn superstars Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. The episode can be watched free of charge.

Another NakedSword property, the gay sex tabloid The Sword, reached a broad mainstream audience last week with an original story on the new band, Girls. The Sword procured an exclusive hardcore gay music video edit of Girls' most popular song, and once it was unveiled, the video went viral across some of the web's most popular mainstream music sites. Most notably, the exclusive video was the featured story on Pitchfork, one of the most-trafficked music blogs.

NakedSword also ushered in November by naming Rob Romoni (who un-retired recently after a years-long hiatus) to its long-standing Dream Team. Every month, the Dream Team swells with another fan favorite porn star, each one plucked from NakedSword's enormous cache of performers based on consumer response. Romoni joins the company of dozens of iconic stars and promising newcomers, from Joey Stefano to Logan McCree. Romoni.

"With its network of properties, NakedSword is able to span an incredibly wide spectrum of content, from the filthiest fringes of gay porndom to exclusive reporting on mainstream culture," NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti said. "Our members love us because we have the biggest, hottest and best-valued porn collection around. All the extra content we're able to provide is our way of taking our unique brand and outlook to the next level of mainstream recognition and industry news."