CzechBoys Launches App Site for Jailbroken iPhones

PRAGUE — Affiliate program has launched a, a mobile gay porn application site for jailbroken iPhones.

The site, which is optimized for both home and mobile devices, offers 13 applications. Eleven of those are part of the Strip to Fuck series, a game in which users answer a series of trivia questions to get two models to strip down and engage in hardcore action.

Also available on the site are applications offering daily photo updates — Cock of the Day and Ass of the Day— that can be added into a user’s mobile gallery or for use as wallpaper.

CzechBoys owner Pavel Rada created the site.

“With the CzechBoys’ decade-long reputation for quality, the models are the best you’ll find online or offline,” Rada said. “My Strip to Fuck series is not only erotic but so much fun.”

Selected webmasters can apply for customized applications to promote on their websites and blogs that will have their affiliate code embedded on the apps. The customized apps allow the affiliate to be paid their usual commission for mobile users that join CzechBoys from within the apps.

As noted on, the apps are only effective on jailbroken iPhones and the site offers a link to one of several websites with an 11-step set of instructions on how to crack the device.

CzechBoys spokesperson Lara told XBIZ that the link is provided out of courtesy to remind users that jailbreaking the phone is required to use the free apps. The company does not create or push any jailbreaking apps.

The current jailbreaking technique, called 24kpwn, involves distracting the iPhone’s system, as it starts up and ensures everything running is in order.

"Jailbreaking is the only way of getting any application that is not sold in the App Store onto an iPhone," Lara said. "Apple's controlling, excessively restrictive and often arbitrary selection process regarding which applications are authorized for sale in the App Store has caused plenty of outrage among app developers and iPhone users alike.

"We do not advocate jailbreaking as such, but we fully support the iPhone owner's right to choose what applications he wishes to install on his phones, and we will continue to create apps that we feel are fun and exciting for the gay adult market."

Most adult apps are only operable on cracked iPhones.

Lara said jailbreaking any version of the iPhone is possible.

"The only drawback is that each time Apple updates their software you have to jailbreak your phone again," Lara said. "But since our apps are free, users can simple download them again, unlike those at the unofficial iPhone App Store, which would have to be purchased again."