XR LLC Moves to New Warehouse

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Adult distributor, manufacturer and retailer XR LLC has moved to a new 40,000-square-foot warehouse to accommodate the company’s growing inventory.

The three-day move took 20 staff members and 15 contractors to move its stock to the new place, which now houses more than 3,500 unique products, including fetish gear, vibrators and adult accessories.

“We plan on carrying more brands, expanding brand lines and increasing our stock levels of current skews,” XR LLC CEO Ari Suss told XBIZ. “As we slowly get comfortable with our new location we will welcome new items from our suppliers.”

Suss also said the new warehouse was designed more efficiently, with the introduction of high-speed pick racks and conveyer belts strategically placed near areas where “fast-movers” are stored.

“These improvements will help us be more competitive in these tough economic times,” Suss said.

For more information, visit XRLLC.com.