Prosecutors Drop Battery Charge Against Stormy Daniels

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida prosecutors have decided to drop a misdemeanor domestic-violence battery charge against adult performer and director Stormy Daniels, XBIZ has learned.

A spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office of Hillsborough County declined to comment further except to say that “the state decided not to prosecute” Daniels.

Daniels was arrested in late July for domestic violence when she allegedly battered her husband because she was "upset because the way the laundry had been done."

Daniels, who was charged for striking her husband "Michael [Mosny] on his head with her hands several times,” said she did not intentionally hit her husband but acknowledged tossing a potted plant in the kitchen sink, throwing the couple's wedding album on the floor and breaking some candles, according to a Tampa Bay Police Department report.

After spending a night at Hillsborough County jail, she was later released on $1,000 bond. That bond has been deactivated as a result of the Daniels case being dropped.

She had been scheduled to face arraignment Sept. 3.