New Sensations Draws Fire From 20th Century Fox Over ‘X-Files’ Parody

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Digital Sin/New Sensations has agreed to change the name of its forthcoming “dark parody” of the “X-Files” after receiving a cease and desist letter from 20th Century Fox.

The letter alleges that the adult studio infringed the “X-Files” mark and demands a title change.

In a statement released today, Digital Sin/New Sensations responds that it “does not believe that its intended product infringes on the rights of Fox. However, in the spirit of cooperation, the company has decided to respond to Fox’s concerns by adapting the title to ‘The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody.’”

Digital Sin/New Sensations also removed the website associated with the film and changed the names of the main characters.

The studio anticipates that the movie would still be released on schedule. “The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody” stars Kimberly Kane and Anthony Rosano in the main roles. The movie was shot on the pricey Red One Digital Cinema camera, arguably the largest-scale adult production to use the camera.