Free Speech Alliance to Be Unveiled in Coming Months

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition in the coming months plans to roll out a new organization that is designed to complement the 18-year-old trade advocacy group.

The Free Speech Alliance, or FSA, is planned to become an educational vehicle for public at large, according to FSC Executive Director Diane Duke.

“As the world changes, we want people to know the real issues of free speech, sexual expression and censorship,” Duke told XBIZ. "While the FSC is more B2B, the FSA will reach out to consumers."

Duke said that the new group, which will run under the nonprofit 501(c)(3) IRS tax status, plans to have no membership and instead will rely on donor contributions to fund it. (The FSC’s current IRS tax status is 501(c)(6).)

“The Free Speech Alliance is part of the FSC’s three-year plan, and we’re about 75 percent through the process of getting it going,” she said.

Duke, however, did give XBIZ a glimpse of what the new group will offer.

“Our plan is to possibly fund research papers, include a speaker’s bureau and offer a website, with periodical newsletters,” she said.

Duke said the next step for the new FSA will be to hand pick between five to 15 board members, who will then scribe a mission statement and strategic plan.