Stormy Daniels Listens in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. — Stormy Daniels' "Listening Tour" hit Baton Rouge Wednesday as she considered a run for the U.S. Senate. The event turned into an impromptu news conference as reporters descended on the Roux House in downtown Baton Rouge, outnumbering the fans and onlookers.

Daniels, a Baton Rouge native, talked about Iraq, taxes and her efforts to safeguard the Internet for children. She said she is passionate about protecting children from adult sites on the Internet and about encouraging families to install parental software.

Joe Nadenicek, a South Dakota resident passing through town, told reporters he was ready to write a check to encourage Daniels to run.

"That's kind of the trifecta," he said. "I wanted to see Stormy, I wanted to see New Orleans, Baton Rouge."

In response to questions from the audience, Daniels said she is in favor of eliminating the income tax and is in favor of higher sales taxes.

The nation's tax structure punishes success, she said.

Daniels also warned anyone searching for more information on her to surf the Internet with caution, saying it would be a good idea to wait until getting home to put her name in a search engine.

Daniels' contract with Wicked pictures expires at the end of this year, and she said that at 30, she was getting old for a porn star.

Liz Dunn and a group of friends came to listen to Daniels.

"We disapprove of David Vitter, so by default we approve of this," she said.

Daniels said she is undecided on whether she will run for office.

"This is not the campaign," Daniels said. "This is the listening tour to decide whether I campaign."

The Listening Tour continues Thursday in New Orleans.