XFANZ TV Interviews CJ Wright

LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV presents an interview with video director CJ Wright.

Called "The king of BBW," Wright explains that BBW stands for "Big Beautiful Women, starting at about 180 pounds."

Wright says that he was not pleased with BBW videos that he had seen.

"The reason my work stands out," he explains, "is because I have a general passion for it — I like big women, even in my personal life — and on camera I prefer to see them displayed the same way you would see them displayed in a Jules Jordan or a Vivid video.

"On an overall scale, BBW is not as respected," Wright says. "To me, it's not parody. There are plenty of me who like to have sex with big women, When they see my product, they say, 'He gets it.'"

There are also behind the scenes shots of his new contract performer, Victoria Secret.

"She's a very, very, very popular BBW," Wright says. "She's worked for me four or five times."

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