Francois Sagat Gets Freaky in 'Saw 6'

CYBERSPACE — Gay adult performer François Sagat has wrapped a role in the mainstream horror franchise "Saw 6." Lionsgate will release the film later this year. Sagat broke the news in an item posted to the official Titan Media blog.

He shot the role earlier this month on location in Montreal. "I was so terrified I was going to be bad and make mistakes," he said. "But after the first five minutes, everything was OK. I didn't fuck up."

He was given his choice of two small roles: a police officer or a drug addict. He chose the latter as it sounded more interesting.

In the scene set in a hospital emergency room, he and an actress playing his girlfriend demand a methadone fix. "We become verbally abusive to a nurse," Sagat recalled. "There was lots and lots of crew around and the set was huge. No one knew who I was; I loved it. I really hope I get to do another movie."

Sagat is currently onscreen in "Funhouse" and "Overdrive" for Titan Media. For domestic and international wholesale inquiries, email, or call (800) 360-7204.