GameLink Launches Stream to Own

SAN FRANCISCO — Online retailer has added Stream to Own, a new video-on-demand product offering streaming movies that never expire and can be watched by purchasers on any computer.

“This is the first phase in a series of releases that will change the digital media landscape,” said Andrew Sullivan, vice president of marketing. “We are increasing the benefits of purchasing our digital products to surpass the value, quality and service associated with traditional media.

"With Stream to Own, we combined the value of our content offering with the strongest digital media management service on the Internet — and this translates into clear and lasting assets for our customers. There is currently no other digital media library more valuable to the adult consumer than GameLink’s.”

Users can purchase and establish their own viewing libraries without downloading material. The GameLink library has more than 60,000 streaming movies, with 500 new titles added every week. The library's offerings range from bestsellers like "Fashionistas" and "Deep Throat" to new releases like Stormy Daniels’ "Predator" trilogy.

“Our customers love the convenience of being able to stream movies without downloading them. They want to build a movie collection and be able to watch their movies as often as they want, wherever they want," GameLink Director of Business Development Jeff Dillon said. "Stream to Own redefines video ownership by giving adult movie fans a digital library where they can keep their movies and come back to watch them again and again. We’ve also upgraded our streaming technology to 2.2 MB in order to give these customers higher quality streaming movies than ever before.”

GameLink is part of the Online Division of Private Media Group Inc.