Good Vibrations Launches Brand Ambassador Program

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco-based sex toy retailer and educator Good Vibrations has launched a new Brand Ambassador Program, a viral marketing campaign designed to build awareness of Good Vibrations' website, products, experts and services through word of mouth and testimonials.

"The new Brand Ambassador program is the perfect complement to our recently launched affiliate program," said Carol Queen, Ph.D., Good Vibrations staff sexologist and company spokesperson.

Good Vibrations is inviting people from around the U.S. to apply for Brand Ambassador status. Brand Ambassadors must be involved with online social networking to be accepted into the program. The company will select 100 men and women by September.

Good Vibrations Brand Ambassadors will receive one product per month to use, and then communicate within their social circles about the benefits of the product. Through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, websites, emails and general word of mouth, the Brand Ambassadors will share their experiences with new products from Good Vibrations.

"We started the conversation more than 30 years ago about sex, sexuality and sex toys when we launched the company," Queen said "Now we hope to get the conversation going across the country about the best products available today."