Pink Visual Performer to Tweet During Shoot Today

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Adult studio Pink Visual has announced that one of its performers will be posting to the company’s Twitter account as she performs a sex scene today in the Los Angeles area.

“So far as we’re aware, while there has been lots of ‘twittering’ going on around the adult industry, this will mark the first time that a performer has posted tweets while she’s actually having sex,” said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual.

The precise time that the tweets will start to flow is uncertain, Kysar said, but the shoot itself will begin around 12 p.m. PDT. To follow the tweeting performer, viewers can log into their Twitter account or visit and read along as she posts updates.

Kysar said that the performer will be tweeting off and on throughout the performance, with lapses due to "practical considerations.”

“Obviously, this is going to get pretty physically challenging for the performer at some points,” Kysar said. “It would be pretty tough to type while in reverse cowgirl position, for example.”

Kysar also said that the performer’s tweeting will also be “worked into the fiction” of the scene.

“People are going to have to wait until the episode posts online to see just how we work it in, but I can tell you it is a pretty creative angle,” Kysar said. “We always like to inject some humor into the mix, and this shoot will be no exception.”

Kysar said that future “tweet shoots” probably will be more elaborate and promoted further in advance.

“We’re looking at this as sort of a test run to see how our concept works,” Kysar said. “I could see introducing a live video element, even adding an interactive element where viewers can request and receive personalized tweets from the performer.”