Unzipped Unveils Controversial Breedlove Cover

LOS ANGELES — Unzipped magazine has unveiled its controversial cover featuring Beau Breedlove, the young administrative aide at the center of the recent sex scandal involving Portland, Ore. mayor Sam Adams.

The May 2009 issue of Unzipped will go on sale on April 17. David Kalmansohn, editorial director of Unzipped Media, said the edition "may be the most highly anticipated issue in the magazine's history. Bloggers and chat rooms have been heatedly debating the merits — or demerits — of Beau Breedlove's upcoming interview and pictorial."

"Should we embrace Beau as a symbol of sexual emancipation in what is still a homophobic and sexphobic society? Or do we dismiss him as just another highly beddable boy toy? Our readers can make their own call."

Kalmansohn said the young man in his interview "opens up about his relationship with Adams and how the story broke, as well as his own sex life and the kind of men he finds most attractive."

Breedlove received financial compensation, a magazine rep told XBIZ in an earlier interview, but the amount has not been revealed. He was photographed mid-February in Los Angeles by Edendale Studios.

Adams, 45, imperiled his political career and ignited a national scandal when it was revealed that he had conducted a sexual relationship in 2005 with Breedlove, a mayoral intern who was then 18 years old.

Adams has admitted to initially covering up the true nature of their relationship. Both have maintained that Breedlove, now 21, was legally of age when their trysts turned intimate. After facing several weeks of blogosphere-fueled negative publicity and amid numerous calls to resign, Adams ultimately decided to remain in office.