Octo-Mom Offered Free Vivid Girl Nannies

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch extended Monday an “alternative” offer to the Octo-mom. He wants her in a reality series in which she wouldn’t have to perform totally nude.

The new offer includes a bus, and Vivid would supply a harem of contract performers as her nannies.

“We are already in talks to create a reality series with you that would also include the Vivid Girls — our famous contract actresses — working as nannies in your home,” Hirsch said. “Our girls love babies and are very nurturing. They are very excited about the prospect of meeting you and the babies and even offering you tips on how to improve your love life.

“You would still be paid $1 million, get health insurance for you and your family for one year and we would add a custom bus big enough for you and the kids.”

Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman told RadarOnline.com earlier Monday that she's decided to dismiss Angels in Waiting, the nonprofit charity that was offering to provide full-time care for her octuplets and six other kids.

Suleman said she wants to hire her own nannies instead, the site reported.

In late February, Suleman declined an offer to perform on camera in a Vivid production for $1 million.

She jokingly appeared to be willing to negotiate at the time, saying, "Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away. Of course, if I have more kids I may have to ask for $2 million."

When Suleman stopped joking, though, she rejected the offer.

"Seriously, though, my mum didn't bring me up like that," she said at the time. "Besides, what will my 14 kids think when they grow up?"

Suleman also had another offer in February from Pink Visual to provide diapers for a year if she doesn't perform on camera. Suleman has not responded to that offer.