Maxim Magazine Features Adult-to-Mainstream Crossovers

NEW YORK — Adult stars have been crossing over into the mainstream with more regularity and it seems like Maxim magazine is just catching on. The men’s mag explores the porn-to-mainstream connection in its March issue on newsstands now.

Under the title Porn to be Mild, which takes up three-quarters of a page, Maxim highlights five stars that made waves in adult entertainment before their mainstream exploits.

“Director Steven Soderbergh cast porn star Sasha Grey as the lead in ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ but can she really go from XXX shame to mainstream fame?” the magazine wonders, before listing its top crossovers.

The five stars mentioned are Ron Jeremy, Katie Morgan, Jenna Jameson, Paris Hilton and Sylvester Stallone who appeared in the adult film “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s” before going on to star as Rocky Balboa.

The star that’s enjoyed the most recent success is Morgan, who appears regularly on HBO as the host of her own late-night documentaries on sex and appeared prominently in the Kevin Smith film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

About Ron Jeremy, Maxim says “‘The Hedgehog’ beefed up roughly 1,900 pornos and appeared in ‘Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.” Recently launched line of hot sauce. Cries himself to sleep at night.”

Jeremy most recently has appeared in the straight-to-DVD release of horror-comedy “One-Eyed Monster” in which he plays the leading role.

Calling her the “undisputed queen of porn” Maxim mentions Jenna Jameson and also how Paris Hilton became a celebrity overnight with the release of her sex tape on the Internet.