Depth Entertainment Family Releases 'Vanilla Cakes 2'

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Adult production company Depth Entertainment Family has released "Vanilla Cakes 2," the new volume to the interracial, skit-driven series.

"I want my movies to be the complete package," said John E. Depth, owner of Depth Entertainment who also directed and starred in the movie. "We've got the hot sex, but we've also got the hot music, and we make you laugh. Our fans say they get their girlfriends to watch porn with them by showing the skits first."

"Vanilla Cakes 2" stars Katie Cummings, Corina Jayden, Sabara, Anita Blue, Olga Cabeva and Kelly Devine, as well as male performers Depth, CJ Wright, Deep Threat and Cuntree Pipes.

"As a performer, you want to work with a woman who is in the zone when the camera's on," Depth said. "As a director, you want people who work together. As a producer, you want everything to come together in a polished package. 'Vanilla Cakes 2' is all of that. It's something the fans at home will watch over and over again."

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