'Johnny Wadd' Exclusively on HotMovies.com

PHILADELPHIA — Video-on-demand site HotMovies.com has announced a deal with Bissco Films to offer the classic adult film "Johnny Wadd" exclusively on the web.

Directed by Bob Chinn, "Johnny Wadd" is the first feature to star adult film legend John Holmes playing the womanizing private detective whose name later became synonymous with Holmes himself. The low-budget 16mm film became one of the classic films from the '70s Golden Age and helped launch the pop culture phenomenon that Holmes became.

An recently-discovered answer print of the film was restored using wet gate transfer by VCX and was released for the first time ever on DVD last year. With the agreement between Bissco Films and HotMovies.com it is now available on the Internet for the first time.

“There is no bigger industry legend than John Holmes and this is the film that launched him into superstardom,” said James Cybert, director of business development for National A-1, parent company of HotMovies.com. “We’re thrilled at the chance to partner with Bissco Films to offer this amazing piece of porn history.”

HotMovies.com has plans to set up a special theater streaming the movie itself as well as many of the DVD extras, which include a director's commentary with director Bob Chinn and an interview in which he offers a look into the world of 1970s adult film.

Chinn, a graduate of UCLA film school, discovered Holmes and then created the concept and wrote the script for Johnny Wadd as a vehicle to showcase Holmes.

“HotMovies was an easy choice as the right partner to bring this amazing classic to a huge audience on the web,” Chinn said. “It’ll be exciting to see it online for the first time ever. They’ve done such a great job with the restoration, it’s looking even better than it did when it was first shown on the big screen in 1971.”

For more information or to view "Johnny Wadd," visit HotMovies.com.