SHEE Toy, Novelty Trade Group to Launch at Love LA Show

LOS ANGELES — A sex-positive segment of the adult toy and novelty industry has announced plans to form a trade association. The SHEE group, which stands for Sexual Health, Education and Entertainment, will meet for the first time at the 2nd annual Love LA Show at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood, Calif. on Jan. 25.

Freddy & Eddy sex boutique proprietor Ian Denchasy founded the organization. The initial seed for the group was planted at last year’s Love LA show.

The group’s mission “will be to cast sexuality under the umbrella of overall health, focusing on promoting healthy sexuality as vital to not only sustaining relationships/marriages, but as an undeniable component of overall well-being.”

SHEE seeks to bring together toy manufacturers, educators, retailers, experts and medical health professionals to the cause.

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Set up as a non-profit organization, SHEE plans to be a resource for its members to provide information including new products, training, distribution points, service and pricing to other members.

Funding for the group will be generated from several Love LA events, private contributions, membership dues and advertising revenue from its website and print newsletter.

“Our goal is to create an unbiased, reliable repository of sex-positive information accessible to professionals seeking to better people’s lives through the dissemination of accurate information, safe and effective products, fun and dignified retail outlets, and credentialed professionals spreading accurate and timely sex-related information,” Denchasy said. “As we build SHEE company by company, I envision some sort of independent product testing matrix, a set of guidelines for adult stores and websites to have at our disposal, and perhaps even a credit union or fund in which adult companies and entrepreneurs could obtain small loans or lines of credit at competitive rates.”

Additionally, SHEE endeavors to disassociate itself from the “porn industry” because of what Tantus Sillicone President Metis Black called “negative elements.”

“We understand the intertwining of porn and novelties from a historical perspective,” Denchasy said, “And we acknowledge that pornography is not in any way something we cast aspersion toward. However, we think it’s time for pornography to prosper as its own distinct industry.”

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