Sasha Grey Stars in New Ad for American Apparel

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Sasha Grey continues her move into the mainstream with a racy appearance in an ad for the American Apparel clothing line.

The ad shows a nearly nude Grey wearing a pair of the company’s striped, thigh-high socks. The ad will only appear on a few select sites, including the blogs The Reverse Cowgirl and Debauchette.

The ad marks a continuing trend for Los Angeles-based American Apparel, which features many scantily clad models in its advertisements. The Sasha Grey ad, however, is the first time a fully nude model has appeared in one of the company's ads.

American Apparel has taken some flak for its ad campaigns, fielding accusations of sexism and exploitation. Blogger Susannah Breslin of The Reverse Cowgirl defended the company — and Grey — from such criticism.

"While some feminists like to spend their time caterwauling about the supposed sexism of [American Apparel] ads, it bears mentioning these ads were conceptualized and shot by Kyung Chung, who, it also bears mentioning, is a woman," she said. "Previously, Chung got feminist knickers in a crack-splitting twist when she shot herself for a Manhattan [American Apparel] billboard. Gee, it's a good thing feminists are ripping their hair out and clawing at their eyes and pulling down the drapes over supposedly sexist ads shot by a woman, or I'd have, like, no self-esteem."

Grey, a nominee for XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, has also appeared in a music video for The Roots. She'll appear in the lead role in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming movie "The Girlfriend Experience."