L.A. Direct Models Claims 2257 Doesn’t Apply, Then Reverses

Slav Kandyba
LOS ANGELES — L.A. Direct Models today briefly posted a notice on its website that the agency is exempt from the effect of 2257 statute because it’s in voluntary compliance with the record-keeping requirements.

The agency, which represents 125 female and 29 male performers, took down the notice shortly after being contacted by XBIZ on Christmas Eve.

Although the agency listed a physical address where it keeps records, the notice explicitly said that the company is exempt from 2257 and also stated it doesn’t recognize 2257 as a valid law. The notice states that all content is displayed on the website was created before July 3, 1995.

“By virtue of such voluntary compliance, the producers of the adult entertainment contained in this website do not acknowledge or recognize U.S. jurisdiction,” the notice read.

When reached by XBIZ, L.A. Direct Models owner Derek Hay said he had no comment. Two adult industry attorneys, however, weighed in briefly.

“If they have an argument as to why they’re not in California, I don’t see it here and I don’t understand what they mean,” Chicago-based adult industry attorney Joel D. Obenberger told XBIZ.

Ultimately, adult industry Greg Piccionelli of Piccionelli & Sarno noted that legal advice should be solicited in order to prevent similar snafus in the future.

“I would be very careful about making an announcement that you’re exempt from 2257 before seeking counsel,” Greg Piccionelli said.