Extreme Associates Obscenity Case Has Evidentiary Hearing

PITTSBURGH — Video from Extreme Associates' website was shown briefly on video monitors during an evidentiary hearing in federal court Monday as a forensic examiner from the Justice Department's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section walked U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster through the site.

Lancaster met behind closed doors with lawyers for the government and defendants Rob Black and Lizzie Borden for more than an hour before reconvening the hearing in the courtroom for the brief video demonstration, which showed the judge how to join the site and how to move through the videos and various pages to assist him in deciding motions still pending in the case.

"The clips we're talking about in this trial are the ones you buy, right?" Lancaster asked the forensic examiner.

All six videos considered in the case came from the members-only portion of the site, the examiner said.

Among the issues Lancaster must decide before trial are which videos — and how much of each — jurors should see and whether the court will be open to the public when the material is played.

Lancaster dismissed the case against Black and Borden in 2005, finding that the obscenity laws were unconstitutional. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision.

The trial is slated to begin March 16.