Lew Rubens Launches New Production Company

SAN FRANCISCO — Lew Rubens, a longtime expert with rope bondage scenarios, has hung up his shingle at the new Lew Rubens Productions, a full-service production company and consultancy service for fetish-centric filmmakers.

Rubens last stint was with Kink.com, where he was webmaster of WaterBondage.com. He also was a full-time bondage consultant for all of the company's sites.

His new production company will explore similar territory, including content that showcases rope bondage, rigging, and suspension – all fetishes that Rubens will teach others about with the consultancy division of his company. He'll also continue teaching classes about fetishes and rope bondage around the country and at adult industry events.

Rubens said that his time with Kink.com honed his skills to “the point that launching my own consultancy and relaunching my website, better than before, was not only well within the realm of possibilities, but also reality.”

Rubens got his start in the online fetish industry with the website BoundNDetermined.com, which launched in 2002 and eventually got the attention of the creative team over at Kink.com. His new company will make its online home at LewRubens.com, which now redirects to BoundNDetermined.com and will soon be redesigned and relaunched as a full content site with an affiliate program.

For more information, please email Christopher Dain at chris@prthatroxxx.com.