LoveHoney Releases the SaSi

BATH, England — The SaSi vibrator, which features a “don’t stop” button that remembers turn-ons, is available exclusively in the U.K. from

SaSi features a smooth massaging ball that circles under a silicone skin while vibrating and pulsating.

"SaSi is the world's first truly intelligent vibrator,” said Tracy Cox, a sex expert that tested the item. “It learns what you like and what you don't. And not only that, the sensation is radically different to normal vibrators.”

SaSi has two modes: the Favorites mode delivers five patterns of vibrations and the Customize mode delivers random patterns and pulsations that change every 20 seconds. The “don’t stop” button will continue a particular pattern until it is told to stop. When SaSi is turned off, the Favorites mode is automatically updated with the last five “don’t stop” settings.

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