Sunny Lane Wins NightMoves Award, Heads to Ohio, Pa.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — After being honored at NightMoves, Sunny Lane is heading to Ohio and Pennsylvania for a string of store signings Oct. 16-20.

At last week’s NightMoves, Lane won the fan’s choice award for Best Feature Dancer.

Lane is scheduled for store signings in Cleveland, Gibsonburg and Amherst in Ohio and Pittsburgh.

“I’ve been really lucky this year to be in some huge movies. This has been my best year so far in this business and I’m really excited to see what’s next. Come see me this weekend,” Lane said.

As part of the “Roller Dollz” promotion, Lane has been traveling throughout the country meeting fans.

“It’s so much fun getting on the road and spending time with the guys and girls who come out to see me and the other cast members. I love it,” Lane said.

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