Prime 1

Prime 1

"Prime 1" includes four scenes from Vixen's woman-centric brand Milfy. Kayden Kross, Ken Shiro, and Jay Rogue direct these scenes, which feature seasoned women showing young men how to reach their full sexual potential.

Reagan Foxx, Isiah Maxwell ("Morning Glory"):

Do not fuck your friend's mom. No matter what. That's what Isiah Maxwell keeps telling himself as he stands in the bathroom, clad only in a towel. But when your friend's mom is Mrs. Reagan Foxx, there's no resisting that urge. And when she's the one who manipulates the situation to make sure you both have the house to yourselves? Well, you already know: Reagan ages like fine wine, and she's plenty intoxicating here. Isiah thrusts into her non-stop, making her grin mischievously as her tits rock back and forth. The side spoon is a thing of beauty, especially the way they gaze into each other's eyes.

Cory Chase, Troy Francisco ("Tuesday"):

Mrs. Cory Chase is having a rough morning. Her do-nothing husband forgot that it was his day to take the kids to school, her warehouse didn't receive the expected shipment, and she's dealing with a disgruntled employee who's trying to lodge a frivolous HR complaint. When Troy Francisco (the son of one of her friends) shows up to apply for a job, she decides to give him a try in some positions that have been neglected lately. Troy opens his audition with some hot cunnilingus under the desk before Cory wets him with her mouth and lets him fuck her massive tits. And while watching Cory ride Troy's dick in her pussy, things get extra hot when she slides his meat up her ass. Troy's voice trembles as Cory's ass swallows him, and she shows him no mercy as she bounces on him furiously. Eventually, Troy takes control, bending Cory over and giving her ass the business as he clutches her body to his. Somebody, get a cool towel!

Kianna Dior, Anton Harden ("Honeydew Kianna"):

Anton Harden books side work through an app called Honeydew, where clients can hire people for odd jobs. Anton's friend's new stepmom Kianna Dior is a client on the app, but she's a micromanaging bitch. Still, money is money, so Anton's friend promises to have Kianna keep an eye out for him on the app. The first day he shows up, he finds two things to be true. One, Kianna is a micromanaging bitch. Two, she's got impossible tits. She comes on to Anton hard, and he responds by knocking her bottom out. He finishes by tit-fucking her while she slurps his dick, and you just need to see that in order to believe it.

Bridgette B, Isiah Maxwell ("Classics"):

After a hard day's work in the blistering heat, Bridgette B wants to thank her gardener personally. She puts on a classic album, makes a stiff drink, and invites him in for an intimate dance, and an even more intimate lesson in being comfortable around women. This is the Mrs. Robinson fantasy through and through. Bridgette takes the lead for the entirety of the scene, controlling the action, the pace, and the intensity of the sex. She nearly destroys poor Isiah Maxwell in cowgirl, but holds back just enough to keep him from exploding too soon. She tells him how and when to hold her, when to slow down, when to speed up, and how hard to pound her. She even introduces him to some unique positions that leave them both quivering with pleasure. In the end, she lets him blow his load into her hungry mouth, leaving him spent and her fully satisfied.

Vixen definitely has a working formula, and that formula is on display here. Credit goes to everyone involved because this is yet another project that Vixen fans (or fans of steamy sex in general) will want to revisit often.

Synopsis: is rolling out the red carpet for the exciting premiere of Prime. This series introduces you to women with the confidence and swagger to prove they're at their sexual best. Featured cover girl Reagan Foxx seduces her sons friend after he crashes on her sofa. Its his first time with an experienced woman, but Reagans about to teach him there are firsts for everything. Cory Chase, Kianna Dior, and Bridgette B complete our exquisite lineup of grade-A MILFs. Grown-up stories in high-class settings starring adult industry veterans: check out and catch these ladies while they're in their Prime.

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