Spring Breakers

Team Skeet
Spring Breakers

"Spring Breakers" is an entertaining three-scene Team Skeet release with a trio of babes — Rory Knox, Octavia Red, and Jasmine Wilde — concerning the adventures (and misadventures) of our heroic, horny gal pals as they travel to Florida to party down during spring break.

That's right. Octavia and Rory wanna party in Florida, but they have to first get past Rory Knox's bothersome stepbrother, played by Nathan Bronson, before they can hit the road; the ladies ultimately get down with Bronson in an intimate, largely POV-style scene. It's especially arousing watching Red's big, all-natural boobs wildly bounce during cowgirl, as well as Rory sucking on those same fun bags. Rory has got a nice round ass, while Red's got an even bigger one — which we especially enjoy during doggie as she eats a reclining Rory, followed by missionary with Rory. Red sits on her face and talks dirty to Bronson ("Yes, give her that stepbrother cock…. Look at me while you fuck her"), with the girls eventually/happily getting down on their hands and knees and sucking Nathan to eruption. And while Nathan is cleaning up in the shower, the ladies sneak out, getting a ride with their buddy Jasmine and her boyfriend Lucky Fate.

In Scene 2 — since Red and Rory admit to being bored and broke but still want to go to Florida for spring break — Lucky suggests that the gullible, slightly desperate wenches, including Jasmine, rob a liquor store, which they happily do. Afterwards, they're celebrating at, supposedly, Lucky's house — though they're actually, unbeknownst to the hyped-up ladies, in the mayor's pad — with shady Lucky taking the politician's money, jewelry, and a seemingly important (“Fuck yeah!”) flash drive. Nice guy.

Lucky's name, however, is definitely appropriate, as the lucky dawg soon bangs all three babes in one of the bedrooms. I particularly found Jasmine, in all of her 100-real lusciousness, totally captivating. It's also great seeing Rory shaking her big, bent-over butt in Red's greedy mouth, as Jasmine sucks Lucky's frankfurter to its base. Watching Jasmine's overflowing tits hypnotically sway while she crazily rides Lucky cowgirl style is brilliant. He then stacks all three ladies up doggie style (Jasmine on the bottom, Rory in the middle, and Red on top), going back and forth 'tween their fine, bent-over pussies. And after Fate pokes 'em all missionary, he pops on Jasmine's cute face. Rory and Red elatedly lick the Lucky-liquid off of her.

The duplicitous Lucky then sneaks off, just as the cops raid the place, with Donnie Rock and Charles Dera playing corrupt policemen who — in Scene 3 — arrest, interrogate, and eventually bang the lusty little criminals. While the ladies are handcuffed and sitting in chairs down at the station, Charles has each one of 'em choke on his cock. Nasty. They soon find out from the cops that Lucky is, in fact, a known cyber-criminal in the neighborhood and that they were partying in none other than the city mayor's house. Oops! After they body-search the ladies' various cavities with surgical gloves, the creepy cops drag the gals to the interrogation room — each questioning session being videotaped in the same static but effective wide shot, accompanied by ominous music, adding tension to the scenes. Charles and Donnie feel them up, having the three ladies stroke their meat. Dera hornily fucks their pussies and mouths, while Rock just has each girl blow him. The ladies then get thrown into a jail cell, where they're made to further suck/fuck the men in blue; each girl gets hornily banged out. I especially liked Jasmine hacking on penis, riding Donnie reverse-cowgirl (with her knockers blindingly swaying), and getting Dera-drilled via standing doggie and reverse-cowgirl, before both dudes dump dollops of dick jam on all three ladies' pretty, smiling faces.

So, do the girls escape? Do crime and slime pay? Don't wanna ruin it for you, but the story is definitely funny and arousing enough to keep your attention. All three young vixens perform with pure gusto, especially naughty, nasty knockout Jasmine.


With no money, Rory and Octavia's dream of being some of the Florida Spring Breakers appears out of reach, but Jasmine's shady boyfriend has a plan that could get them the cash they need. Will this wild weekend be their undoing, or will it be the most memorable experience of their lives... or both?!

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