Ass Fucked Down Under

Evil Angel
Ass Fucked Down Under

The Australian production/performance team of Scarlet and Elic Chase seem to only fuck each other — on camera, at least — which is fine by me, seeing as Scarlet is such a busty, submissive, luscious young fox. It's a joy to see Scarlet get her mouth, pussy and anus destroyed by partner Elic, or any cock for that matter; these five steamy scenes show you quite a lot, indeed, of Scarlet as well as her marvelous depth of depravity.

First up, Scarlet is seriously face-fucked, with her hands bound behind her back, while she's also eventually fully ass-banged. The scene starts with a major, noisy, saliva-drenched, deep face-banging of Scarlet, where Elic spits and slaps her. Even without makeup, Scarlet is still quite attractive. Elic soon bends her over (she's wearing a tasty leather outfit) and slams her tight little bunghole, with her anus winking at (and speaking to) us at times. This is followed by Elic putting a gag and collar on the babe and manhandling her — with spanks and yanks and slams — as if she's a human pony. There's also arousing reverse-cowgirl-anal and a totally gnarly dick-dunking of Scarlet's upside-down face, where she really chokes on Elic-prick, cocooning her face with oodles of her own spit. The scene makes a full circle back to the initial face-fucking (shot from the side), with Elic creaming her tongue with his man-jam.

Next up, pigtailed Scarlet gets fucked in the mouth, then the pussy — and then the ass, then both the pussy and ass simultaneously by a double-dildo-wielding fucking machine. Elic eventually steps in and gives her mouth some real beef, while he also doggies her asshole as the robot invades her mouth. Elic soon gives her asshole a plugging reverse-cowgirl style, while the machine bangs her pussy and she gags on a dildo. Scarlet ultimately sucks Elic off as she's bent over and getting robotically DPd; our damsel moans and groans like a total slut. Very unique. And horny.

On a pink-drenched set, Scarlet (who gets more and more facially made up as the movie progresses, which is a nice touch) is wearing pink leather gear and pink high heels, quickly taking Elic's cock in her mouth, pussy, then anus. Doggie- and cowgirl-anal are particular high points as her truly juicy ass undulates ever so hypnotically. She ends the scene getting her tonsils destroyed by "daddy's" cock; her ever-happy face soon gets bathed with cum.

In a starker setting, Elic has Scarlet's hands tied as she's standing in a sort of garage-like setting (but very clean, I should add); her bearded beau finger-fucks her pussy and ass, then doggie-hammers her ass while they're both standing. He eventually releases her, so that Scarlet can squat down and gag on his cock, while a hook-like dildo is jammed up her asshole — after which, Elic douses her with a full bucket of water (ice-cold, I'm assuming from her animated reaction), followed by her devotedly deepthroating Elic's throbber. Scarlet's makeup is running by this time after all of the saliva and water, and Scarlet gets a mouthful of cum after Elic jerks off into her ever-ravenous mouth.

And we end with Scarlet (once again with no makeup) in a cold, steely workout room, with no one there but Elic, getting her hands and legs cuffed to an exercise machine while she's standing. Elic rubs a big, black vibe across her large, pierced nipples and succulent pussy, getting Scarlet all worked up; Elic ultimately leaves the vibrator tied to her pussy, before she's moaning to be fucked. Elic, however, leaves her there, writhing wildly, before turning off the device and letting the breathless, spent Scarlet sag (though ecstatically!) from orgasmic exhaustion.

This gonzo comes across as more than just a POV title, with plenty of sincere passion relayed via expertly captured drilling and filling, as well as loads of kink to keep things all the more provocative.


Gorgeous Scarlet Chase's stellar body, fun loving personality and kinky sexuality have made her an Internet sensation. In Ass Fucked Down Under, SecretCrush presents the Australian dirty blonde in five freaky, fetish-flavored anal scenes. First, Scarlet sports strappy red leather fetish lingerie and shiny black boots. She's cuffed at the wrists as her partner, Elic Chase, shoves his meat in her mouth. The busty blonde temptress gives a blowjob, drooling long strands of spit. Elic slaps her big tits. When she's uncuffed, Scarlet takes a vigorous, doggie-style rectal railing. Her teeth chomp down on the bit at the end of a chain leash as Elic thrusts his prick in her beautiful behind. He porks her asshole to gaping! With his hard rod in her slit, she takes an exhilarating ride. Elic slathers her pretty face with her own sloppy spit, and eventually, a mess of semen. We find mesmerizing Scarlet rope-bound at the wrists and suspended from the ceiling while perched on her tip toes, with her big boobs fully exposed. Muscular Elic smacks her heart-shaped backside. He stuffs his boner in Scarlet's butthole for a standing buttfuck. When she's unbound, Scarlet sucks the bulb at the end of a metal fetish hook She slathers it with spit and then tucks the slickened thing into in her elastic anus. His jism splashes her tongue and spills down onto her bountiful breasts. Ponytailed Scarlet's next ensemble combines schoolgirl plaid with stylish bra, stockings and heels. The creamy-skinned stunner twerks. A mechanical device pumps a dildo down her throat and then into her shaved, pierced snatch. The machine plunges the toy into her rectum. Twin toys attached to the machine pump her poon and bunghole, an automated dildo double penetration! The machine drives a hard metal phallus into her derriere. An anal reaming from Elic comes with machine-driven pussy plowing, and Scarlet fellates a phallus, fully airtight! She spits sperm bubbles and rubs spunk into her face. Scarlet dons a pink leather harness, fishnets and high-heel boots. Her winking anus squeezes out a butt plug, no hands; she tastes the toy ass-to-mouth. Slobber flows as Elic dick-whips her face. He drills moaning Scarlet's box. Elic alternates nailing her gash and tush, spanking her undulating rear cheeks. As he sodomizes her, Scarlet's cunt squirts a flume of girl juice straight up! Twice, she ejaculates onto Elic's boner. He delivers a sloppy cum facial. Scarlet stands chained at the wrists and ankles to a metal exercise rack. Elic shoots intimate POV footage as he reaches in to grope and fondle her. He deploys an imposing black vibrator to tickle her tits and twat. Elic plies the whirring device to Scarlet's pierced nipples, making her moan with convulsive pleasure. Elic straps the electric toy to Scarlet's inner thigh, where it keeps continuous contact with her clit. Scarlet gushes girl squirt onto the floor! She smiles blissfully.

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